Reloquence Goes Behind the Scenes @ the Neptune House Launch Party

On the corner of Jupiter and Neptune is a house on the edge of the bluff, with a winding staircase leading to the sand.

The Outsite launch party was a small gathering of insiders, including my attorney, Brian Dirkmaat, who added me to the invitation list.  He introduced me to Dallas, who wants to use social media to talk about health and fitness, or maybe music.  


Giles joined our discussion, and suggested that I hire influencers to recruit MICRO-influencers to Reloquence. 

Ashok Kamal, Executive Director of Tech Coast Angels, wanted me to spend most of my time searching for a co-founder.  They choose companies to fund from EvoNexus mostly, but most angels require a co-founder to de-risk the business.

The gathering included many digital nomads with experience working or living abroad at Roam and Remote Year.  I talked to someone on the patio who had just come back from a year abroad.  He is now the Outsite business development contact, and told me about the membership benefits.  I don't remember his name, and he didn't have a business card handy.  Note to biz dev people: always carry business cards at launch parties.

Rebecca gave me a tour. The house is arranged for privacy.  There is a courtyard in the front with different entrances to different areas of the house.  They have day use rates too.  $25 will give you access to the beachfront hot tub, coffee and wireless connectivity for productive co-working with like-minded people.

My roommate wonders if Outsite attracts the film and music industry too?  I am sure the Venice Beach location does.