Building the Reloquence Team

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Reloquence is seeking a CTO and a CMO

Required: The CTO and CMO should be familiar with eCommerce marketplaces, and have experience working with a range of technical and digital solutions that drive online sales.

Preferred: The CMO should have experience with influencer marketing.  The CTO should have experience with social media analytics.

These are both equity-only positions until we are profitable.  Part time is possible, but at the point that we raise seed funding, candidates must commit to a full time role. 

Reloquence is an influencer marketplace for the tech, travel and transportation industries.

We specialize in micro-influencers, but also plan to recruit pros, with prior experience working with brands and monetizing their influence.

We will launch when we have successfully recruited 50 pros and micro-influencers. is designed to optimize conversions, but is not yet an eCommerce marketplace.

It is built in Squarespace, so the CTO would ideally be familiar with eCommerce platforms, and available to work with our Squarespace developer, Dasha Eesti of Relativist.

Relativist will be building the eCommerce features which include profiles for marketers and influencers and products built from their profile information. 

Reloquence will have a simple pricing model for influencers at launch: a standard rate for micro-influencers, and customized campaigns for pros who set their own rates. 

Reloquence won't base the pricing on engagement rates at launch, and will provide limited capabilities to measure ROI beyond the tools that the influencers and marketers already use.

We are working with New Media Rights on our Terms of Service and Privacy statements.  This will include compliance with FTC paid sponsorship, FARA and other regulations typically associated with online media marketplaces.  There will be a vetting process for influencers.

Our minimum viable product (MVP) will integrate analytics to drive conversions and customer acquisition using off-the-shelf solutions (Google analytics, tags, Squarespace analytics, etc.)

The longer term goal is to transition to a proprietary platform with proprietary analytics.  

Submit your CV and cover letter to  Reloquence is an equal opportunity employer.  The positions are  based in San Diego, California.