Reloquence Welcomes Fabian Geyrhalter and GirlyGeekdom

We are happy to share our latest news that GirlyGeekdom and Fabian Geyrhalter have opted in as a new influencers to our network. 

We will work with our early valued clients using a concierge model until our MVP is ready to launch, matching up influencers and marketers with campaigns that are customized to individual preferences and requirements.

The  concierge minimum viable product is inefficient, but it’s not a long term solution.  It’s a short term solution to help us learn how to solve our customer’s problems before investing in a software build. 

The point of the concierge MVP, as is the point with most MVPs, is to maximize learning and mitigate the risk of developing an inefficient product prior to launch. 

We are working with Silicon Beach Software to understand their requirements as a first step.  We will refine our tool set and processes well before automating the eCommerce and profile creation for influencers and marketers.  We will build a solid foundation first to enable us to rapidly scale the business after launch.

The concierge model is an opportunity for early customers to play an active role in the design of the Reloquence platform, and to make it their own. 

Our pricing model will be very similar to the eCommerce site:

  • a Freemium service (sourcing up to 30 influencers)
  • a Basic or Small Business service (contact and negotiate) - $50/month
  • and a Premium service (customized campaigns, content development services, access to additional influencers, campaign analytics) - $500/month

We'll take an 8% cut for every influencer campaign, increasing to 11% when the platform launches, to account for the additional overhead.

Our TOS and Privacy Policy statements are completed, and we are working on our Service Agreements.  

Opt in and sign a Letter of Intent if you'd like to be added to the queue, or pass it on to potential customers who have a marketing budget in tech, travel or transportation. Our ideal early customers sell to consumers and are familiar with content dev, content management, and social media outreach.

We are actively building our influencer network and working with our early valued clients starting in May 2018, when the service agreements will be completed. 

First come, first served.