Reloquence Welcomes Silicon Beach Software

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Welcome to our new customers FPComplete, Optincall, AppCuration and Silicon Beach Software.  Our goal is to launch with 10 tech marketers and their hand-selected micro-influencers and pros, and with a matching number of travel and transportation influencers and marketers as we build our 2-sided marketplace.

Our newest customer, Silicon Beach Software, was an early developer of software products for the Mac. It was founded in San Diego, California in 1984 by Charlie Jackson and his wife Hallie. Charlie later co-founded FutureWave Software, the company that produced the first version of what is now Adobe Flash. Although Silicon Beach Software began as a publisher of game software, it also published what was called "productivity software" at the time.

At about the same time that Charlie was selling his software to Macromedia (which was eventually acquired by Adobe), I was at Apple's Advanced Technology Group working alongside a project called SK8.  Multi-media authoring tools go back a long way, but they are still constantly evolving.

Reloquence is honored to be part of the launch of Charlie's next generation of content creation software.

Reloquence pre-launch is an opportunity for our early clients to customize the platform by suggesting favorite or desired influencers according to their unique marketing needs.  We are eager to talk to other ideal early customers for Reloquence.  

Do you have a small to medium-sized technology business that provides solutions that would be beneficial to influencers or marketers?  Some examples are content creation platforms, social media analytics tools, digital marketing solutions and other software that accelerates online customer acquisition. If so, please Opt In to Reloquence.

Do you know of travel and transportation influencers who have successfully monetized their influence by working with brands to promote lodging, tourism, or other travel and transportation businesses? Do you know of micro-influencers for space exploration? If so, please forward this blog post to them and ask them to Sign Up to Reloquence.

With Top 100 Global Influencers and Digital Celebrities like Elon Musk deleting their Facebook accounts, the timing is perfect for micro-influencers to step in and fill the gap.  Be sure to include micro-influencers with less than 50K followers on your wish list.  They are more affordable than your favorite pros, although for big businesses like Tesla and SpaceX, pros add significant value.

Thanks to everyone who attended Founder Institute San Diego's Fall 2017 cohort graduation at Knobbe Martens and our pitch at Pillsbury North County San Diego.  

Outsite's Pitch on the Beach on April 5 at Venice Beach was an opportunity for Reloquence to share our business model with a relevant community of digital nomads, and a panel of SoCal angel investors.  If you weren't able to attend, but would like to see it, we are available to pitch at other similar events.