Vetted Micro-influencers

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We're excited to announce the upcoming soft launch of our eCommerce site.  We are highlighting 30 micro-influencers, including 10 space influencers, and will enable some standard purchases online such as a Brand Mention, a Challenge between influencers and a Takeover of a client's social media accounts.  As such, we're moving to a monthly newsletter with a new format to make it easier to find the information that you need.  

What is Reloquence?

Reloquence is an eCommerce site where micro-influencers with high engagement rates (over 3%) and reach between 500 – 100K can turn their influence into a business. Our influencers are vetted and FTC compliant, and are affordable to small businesses.  We sell to brands in the tech, travel and transportation niches.

We are not building a database of hundreds of thousands of unvetted social media influencers, but rather aggregating search results across multiple platforms to find and vet micro-influencers who meet our clients' unique needs. We are not building another influencer marketplace to search and contact influencers, but rather providing a cloud-based platform that curates your influencers and maximizes the return on investment (ROI) for your campaigns.

We will focus on 5 basic services: Brand Mentions, Brand Ambassadors, Challenges, Branded Blog Posts, and Takeovers.  Specializing in a fixed number of services for our soft launch will allow us to measure and gradually improve our response rates and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Influencers Spotlight

Joe Hills, our June Guest Blogger, discusses influencer marketing in restricted areas, NASA's latest spinoff. If you post about topics related to space travel, sign up to be a Reloquence influencer and learn more about #NASASocial and what NASA expects of their influencers.

Did you know that the FTC is cracking down on influencers who do not disclose that they are getting compensated for promoting brands? Opt in and get your free copy of our Guide to the FTC's Paid Sponsorship Regulations.

Brands Spotlight

We have Media Kits showcasing our Top 30 Social Networking  and Travel and Lodging influencers for small businesses.  Brands who Opt in will get a free copy, highlighting our influencers' channels and interests. If you have some favorite influencers that you currently work with, we can bring them into our eCommerce platform, assuming they meet our acceptance criteria.

We are seeking early valued clients in the following niches: Journey to Mars, micro-satellites, space weather, space flight, LEO, geostationary orbit, manned space exploration, and other topics of interest to space technology consumer audiences. Any contacts or referrals would be much appreciated.

Premium Service

Are you tired of wading through large databases of unvetted, mostly irrelevant micro-influencers? Would you prefer to work with the same group of micro-influencers who know a lot about your brand and may even be talking about you already? Would you prefer to narrow the range of influencer marketing options to just those that are effective?

If so, YOU or a business you refer will receive a customized marketing strategy with execution-through-results analysis, to ensure you get positive results for your campaigns. Together, we will make sure you are a success because your success is our success.

To get on the waitlist for our VIP program, sign up here.