Decentralized Influencer Marketing: Why Insourcing is the Anti-Fraud Solution


“I don’t want to go through agencies, and we have direct contact, and that’s the big differentiator. If you have an agent, plus their agency, you have too many people; you lose communication and money, too.”

“Between high agency markups, creative fees and imaginary fees, brands are saving money by just going direct.”

With the Reloquence Toolkit, you control your influencer relationships. Reloquence tracks all discussions and negotiations, and keeps a record of your financial transactions, including any side deals between content creators and influencers.

You can run Reloquence in public or invitation-only mode. Your audiences can have personal experiences that change from month-to-month, with different influencers and different campaigns highlighted to focus on different messages.

You can build rapport over time, learn about their availability and past experience, and make decisions that are best for your campaign goals. You can work directly with your handpicked influencers on our platform, because there is no middleman.


We had a great campaign with Hyundai last year that was featured in Adweek. Rather than try to explain why it was great, I’ll let you read the article. The quote from Hyundai CMO, Dean Evans, about tripling their spend with us next time is priceless!

Marketers sometimes complain that the agencies they hire have a more transactional approach and value volume over quality. This is why influencers often miss the brand’s voice in their marketing initiatives. With Reloquence, there is no pressure to increase your ad spending, to hire more influencers or to tack on more services. 

Reloquence provides a toolkit that lets you manage your budget and the size of your campaigns. Do you want to run a one-time fixed-price campaign with only one influencer? Do you want to negotiate custom campaigns with multiple influencers for ongoing relationships? Reloquence provides the flexibility that you need for your unique business.

Decentralizing influencer marketing has additional long term benefits. As opposed to agencies with 50,000 - 500,000 influencers, brands only manage between 50 - 500 influencers at a time in-house. Fewer end users per toolkit minimizes the risk of fraud and provides a much higher level of trust that your influencers will deliver. When brands make their toolkits public, they share data about their own campaigns that helps others learn and make good choices too.


"You absolutely cannot rely on a manager or an agent to set you up and maintain your influencer relationships. You need to text them, call them, and ask them how their day is.

We’re not reaching out to them for advertising or sponsored posts. We’re reaching out to them because we like their style of marketing and content. So it’s kind of like a reverse concept. We don’t give much art direction; we just say, ‘Take photos as you normally would.’

The text messages on my phone are 50% influencers and 50% regular friends. I’m talking to them whenever I wake up and whenever I go to bed. There’s so many different deliverables floating around that it’s impossible to keep it to just a single business transaction."

Switch to Reloquence, and move your negotiations and transactions to a single platform. Sign up to our waitlist, and get a head start on your competition. Prepay to jump to the front of the queue. 

If you want long-term partnerships with influencers, measure key performance indicators like sales and impressions, and generate user-centric content on social media. After all, influencer marketing is not all about transactions. It’s not only about paid social media posts and customer outreach. It's about original content.

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Record conversations, transactions and reviews. Send invitations to your top candidates, then email them with updates about your campaigns. With Reloquence, you control the process. 

[Image Credits: Buffer, Simon Says]