It is true that the Reloquence design (UI and UX) is beautiful. It's easy to use and everything is clearly displayed, using Swiss design principles.

Reloquence is the only influencer software that consolidates everything you need to run a campaign into one platform. You can see data about influencers that other social media platforms don't openly provide, to better enable you to evaluate which influencers to hire for your business.

But the real reason Reloquence is beautiful is that we change one key premise that most influencer marketing companies make: that you need them to find your influencers.

We assume that you already know how to search and contact influencers. 

Then, we give you a place to manage them. 

And that changes everything.


If finding and contacting influencers that interest you is the easy part, why limit yourself to searching through outdated, incomplete and irrelevant databases? Influencers are online everywhere. They are in industry-generated lists. Reloquence has our own lists. Or you can source them from your own channels.

Everyone knows a micro-influencer, and most micro-influencers are already looking for you. Use social listening tools to discover who is talking about your brand. Search for blog topics about your niche. Go directly to social media platforms and search on relevant hashtags. You can source your influencers from anywhere and everywhere, filtering with a wide-range of free or low cost analytics tools.

Before long, you will have generated a list of your Top 50 candidates. 

Now what?

Most influencer marketing platforms leave off where Reloquence begins. Sure, they will let you contact their influencers, but then how can you develop a relationship with them over time? How can you get to know 50 or 100 or even 500 candidates well enough to know who can best co-create campaigns that will get noticed, without locking yourself into long term contracts prematurely? Do influencer marketing companies want you to take negotiations off-platform?

No, they don't.

This is where Reloquence can help.

What will your legacy be? What will your craft and creativity say about you when you are no longer around to speak for it? Will your work be forgotten, or will it stand the test of time, inspiring future generations to forge their own paths and leave their own footprints?

The legendary George Lois is a man who needs little introduction. He is an iconic designer, art director and the most creative, prolific advertising communicator of our time. In this video, George contemplates immortality through his life's work, as well as through conversations with friend, fellow designer and Hall of Fame laureate, the late Massimo Vignelli.


The Reloquence Toolkit has been built using principles of Swiss Design. The Swiss style can be defined as an authentic pursuit of simplicity – the beauty that underlies purpose, not beauty in and of itself. The principle “form follows function” became a battle-cry of Modernist architects after the 1930s. 

Because we have designed our platform around Swiss style, we have made your job infinitely easier. Now, inviting influencers to join your network is as simple as an email campaign. Tell them something about your company. Describe the type of influencers you are looking for, and explain a little bit about the campaigns you would like to run. Then, let all 50 come and join your own white label toolkit.

The data that you collect about your influencers is yours to manage. With Reloquence, no one shares a database. Why? Cost, control and creative. The conversations you have with your influencers are private. You can downselect your list based on the information you gather yourself. You can add new influencers and content creators based on their recommendations. You can filter for fraud and ensure compliance when you control the process.

Now, meet your new 10 person in-house influencer team.

The campaigns you co-create with your Top 10 influencers can be as thought-provoking and impactful as you want them to be. You can reuse the content anywhere and everywhere. Your campaigns can be based on big ideas, with images and videos that will give your audience a sense of what you are trying to say in a nanosecond.

Because you haven't created your campaign in a nanosecond. 

You have taken the time to do it right. 

As the legendary Massimo Vignelli reminds us, "If you do it right, it will live forever."

[Image/Photo Credits: Concetta Antico, Alexandra Ford Hamilton, George Lois, Massimo Vignelli]